#224: Regional-scale incident-supporting visual cloud computing with software-defined networking

P. Calyam, D. Chemodanov, R. Pelapur, and K. Palaniappan

Proc. SPIE Conf. Geospatial Informatics, Fusion, and Motion Video Analytics VI, 2016

cloud computing, resource management, tracking

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In the event of natural or man-made disasters, providing rapid situational awareness through video/image data collected at salient incident scenes is often critical to first responders. Scalable processing of media-rich visual data and the subsequent visualization with high user Quality of Experience (QoE) demands new cloud computing and thin-client desktop delivery approaches. In this paper, we describe an incident-supporting visual cloud computing solution for a regional-scale application for tracking objects in aerial full motion video and large scale wide-area motion imagery. We provision fog computing at the network-edge coupled with cloud offloading to a public cloud, utilizing software-defined networking (SDN).