#287: EpiX: A 3D Measurement Tool for Heritage, Archeology and Aerial Photogrammetry


There has been an increased focus on the multi-dimensional reconstruction from variety of cultural heritage images, archeological ar- tifacts and heritage sites. The risk due to climate change is one of the factors in imaging specific sites located in coastal areas identified to be in danger. Most of the approaches significantly rely on accurate and pre- cise metadata information, which however is difficult to obtain and is more prone to errors. We present an open, cross-platform, effective and extensible GUI annotation tool named EpiX, exploiting the geometric features of epipolar lines, for large photogrammetric imagery analysis. This paper focuses on the use of EpiX for multiple research purposes, including ground truth collection and 3D distance measurement in both high-resolution, high throughput wide-area format video also known as wide-area motion imagery (WAMI), applicable to acquire airborne im- ages of archeological and heritage sites. We present our experimental results using EpiX, and demonstrate that users could collect useful infor- mation and validate original metadata in a much shorter time compared to other techniques accessible to archeologists and photogrammetrist, at present.