#31: Intelligent satellite-based visual communications over wireless ATM

J. Vass, K. Palaniappan, and X. Zhuang

IEEE Int. Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS), Volume II, pgs. 606--608, 2000

image compression, big data, remote sensing

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This paper focuses on satellitevisual (imagehideo)com- munications over wireless ATM. When compared to com- puter data, remote sensed imagery requires huge volumes of information to be transmitted in a timely manner. On the other hand, error-free transmission is not strictly necessary at lower layer protocols. This is because more efficient error protection can be designed at the applicationlayer and non- correctable transmission errors may be rendered impercep- tible. Intheproposedsystem,compression,transmission error protection, and packetization are jointly implemented as part of the application. For source coding, we propose to use our high performance significance-linked connected component analysis (SLCCA) wavelet codec. SLCCA pro- vides multiresolution representation well suited for remote sensing data. We also propose error protection strategies to ensure reliable transmission of satellite data.