#305: Facial expression recognition for monitoring neurological disorders based on convolutional neural network


Facial expressions are a significant part of non-verbal communication. Recognizing facial expressions of people with neurological disorders is essential because these people may have lost a significant amount of their verbal communication ability. Such an assessment requires time consuming examination involving medical personnel, which can be quite challenging and expensive. Automated facial expression recognition systems that are low-cost and non-invasive can help experts detect neurological disorders. In this study, an automated facial expression recognition system is developed using a novel deep learning approach. The architecture consists of four-stage networks. The first, second and third networks segment the facial components which are essential for facial expression recognition. Owing to the three networks, an iconize facial image is obtained. The fourth network classifies facial expressions using raw facial images and iconize facial images. This four-stage method combines holistic facial information with local part-based features to achieve more robust facial expression recognition. Preliminary experimental results achieved 94.44% accuracy for facial expression recognition on RaFD database. The proposed system produced 5% improvement than the facial expression recognition system by using raw images. This study presents a quantitative, objective and non-invasive facial expression recognition system to help in the monitoring and diagnosis of neurological disorders influencing facial expressions.