#280: On QoE-oriented Cloud Service Orchestration for Application Providers


New virtualization technologies allow Infrastructure Providers (InPs) to lease their resources to Application Service Providers (ASPs) for highly scalable delivery of cloud services to end-users. However, existing literature lacks knowledge on Quality of Experience (QoE)-oriented cloud service orchestration algorithms that can guide ASPs on how to plan their budget to enhance satisfactory QoE delivery to end-users. In contrast to the InP's cloud service orchestration, the ASP's orchestration should not rely on expensive infrastructure control mechanisms such as Software-Defined Networking (SDN), or require apriori knowledge on the number of services to be instantiated and their anticipated placement location within InP's infrastructure. In this paper, we address this issue of delivering satisfactory user QoE by synergistically optimizing both ASP's management and data planes. The optimization within the ASP management plane first maximizes Service Level Objective (SLO) coverage of users when application services are being deployed, and are not yet operational. The optimization of the ASP data plane then enhances satisfactory user QoE delivery when applications services are operational with real user access. Our evaluation of QoE-oriented algorithms using realistic numerical simulations, real-world cloud testbed experiments with actual users and ASP case studies show notably improved performance over existing cloud service orchestration solutions.