#266: VisDrone-VDT2018: The vision meets drone video detection and tracking challenge results


Drones equipped with cameras have been fast deployed to a wide range of applications, such as agriculture, aerial photography, fast delivery, and surveillance. As the core steps in those applications, video object detection and tracking attracts much research effort in recent years. However, the current video object detection and tracking algorithms are not usually optimal for dealing with video sequences captured by drones, due to various challenges, such as viewpoint change and scales. To promote and track the development of the detection and tracking algorithms with drones, we organized the Vision Meets Drone Video Detection and Tracking (VisDrone-VDT2018) challenge, which is a subtrack of the Vision Meets Drone 2018 challenge workshop in conjunction with the 15th European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV 2018). Specifically, this workshop challenge consists of two tasks, (1) video object detection, and (2) multi-object tracking. We present a large-scale video object detection and tracking dataset, which consists of 79 video clips with about 1.5 million annotated bounding boxes in 33,366 frames. We also provide rich annotations, including object categories, occlusion, and truncation ratios for better data usage. Being the largest such dataset ever published, the challenge enables extensive evaluation, investigation and tracking the progress of object detection and tracking algorithms on the drone platform. We present the evaluation protocol of the VisDrone-VDT2018 challenge and the results of the algorithms on the benchmark dataset, which are publicly available on the challenge website: http://www.aiskyeye.com/. We hope the challenge largely boost the research and development in related fields.