#297: DeepDDK: A deep learning based oral-diadochokinesis analysis software


Oromotor dysfunction caused by neurological disorders can result in significant speech and swallowing impairments. Current diagnostic methods to assess oromotor function are subjective and rely on perceptual judgments by clinicians. In particular, the widely used oral-diadochokinesis (oral-DDK) test, which requires rapid, alternate repetitions of speech-based syllables, is conducted and interpreted differently among clinicians. It is therefore prone to inaccuracy, which results in poor test reliability and poor clinical application. In this paper, we present a deep learning based software to extract quantitative data from the oral DDK signal, thereby transforming it into an objective diagnostic and treatment monitoring tool. The proposed software consists of two main modules: a fully automated syllable detection module and an interactive visualization and editing module that allows inspection and correction of automated syllable units. The DeepDDK software was evaluated on speech files corresponding to 9 different DDK syllables (e.g., “Pa”, “Ta”, “Ka”). The experimental results show robustness of both syllable detection and localization across different types of DDK speech tasks.