#22: Parallel robust relaxation algorithm for automatic stereo analysis

K. Palaniappan, J. Vass, and X. Zhuang

SPIE Proc. Parallel and Distributed Methods for Image Processing II, Volume 3452, pgs. 958--962, 1998

parallelization, stereo, features

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A parallel robust relaxation algorithm is proposed to improve the detection and correction of illegal disparities encountered in the automatic stereo analysis (ASA) algorithm. Outliers and noisy matches from correlation-based ASA matching are improved by relaxation labeling and robust statistical methods at each stage of the multiresolution coarse-to-fine analysis. A parallel version of the relaxation labeling algorithm has been implemented for the MasPar supercomputer. The performance scales quite linearly with the number of processing elements and scales better than linear with increasing work load. The algorithm is highly scalable both as the number of processors are increased for solving a fixed size problem and also as the size of the problem increases.