#8: Exploratory analysis of satellite data using the Interactive Image Spreadsheet (IISS) environment

K. Palaniappan, A. Hasler, and M. Manyin

9th Int. AMS Conf. on Interactive Information and Processing Systems (IIPS) for Meteorology, Oceanography and Hydrology, pgs. 145--152, 1993

visualization, parallelization, image analysis, remote sensing

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The traditional numerical spreadsheet paradigm has been extended to create an Interactive Image SpreadSheet (IISS) Environment. The concept of the IISS is described by Hasler et al. (1991a, 1992) and has been developed to interac- tively examine and manipulate large remote sensing data sets. The IISS Environment is currently being used to analyze multi- spectral data sets such as complete GOESNISSR, Landsat TM, AVIRIS and NOAA!AVHRR imagery in anticipation of data from EOS satellite instruments. The IISS Environment pro- vides a spreadsheet-based visual interface for performing satellite image analysis tasks. Such an interface has been found to be extremely intuitive and highly productive since it elimi- nates to a large extent the necessity for a user to explicitly deal with input/output based programming as with traditional com- puter languages. The resulting IISS Environment provides the scientist with an effective and powerful visualization tool for concentrating on algorithm development and exploring the in- formation available in the data.