#6: Automated reading of DNA autoradiogram images using lane profiling methods

K. Palaniappan, T. S. Huang, and H. Lee

IEEE Int. Workshop on Industrial Applications of Machine Intelligence and Vision, pgs. 360--367, 1989

segmentation, features, image analysis, bioinformatics, biomedical

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Automated DNA sequencing involves computer interpretation of the chemical detection data, which may be in the form of 2-D autoradiogram images, and 1- or 2-D fluorescence data. The analysis of autoradiogram images generated by the multiplex DNA sequencing method is considered. An overall approach to obtaining sequence data from the autoradiogram images is outlined, and specific approaches for segmenting the image into sets of four lanes, obtaining 1-D profiles of the lanes, detecting peaks in the 1-D profiles using a multiscale approach, and aligning profiles across lanes using an interpolation method are discussed. Intermediate results are presented