#47: Extensor based image interpolation

K. Palaniappan, J. Uhlmann, and D. Li

IEEE Int. Conf. Image Processing, Volume 2, pgs. 945--948, 2003

image enhancement, denoising, visualization

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We propose a novel image interpolation method for resolution enhancement of still images. The approach consists of a nonlinear mapping from pixel index space to color space based on the low-resolution image so that non-integral pixel indices in a super-sampling can be mapped to colors, i.e.. interpolated. This nonlinear mapping is based on an extensor transformation of 2D pixel indices to an N-dimensional vector space that encodes the Euclidean proximity interrelationships among a neighborhood of N pixels. Experimental results indicate that extensor-based interpolation yields results that are qualitatively superior to classical bilinear and hicubic interpolation, that has important advantages in comparison to edge-directed and optimal-recovery interpolation methods, and that has comparable or lower computational cost.