#71: UAV-Video registration using block-based features

A. Hafiane, K. Palaniappan, and G. Seetharaman

IEEE Int. Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium, Volume II, pgs. 1104-1107, 2008

wami, tracking, fmv, registration, motion, fusion, dod

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We present a new approach aimed at fast multiframe registra- tion of airborne video collected by moving platforms such as unmanned aerial vehicles. Registration is used to enable sep- arating the moving objects from the stationary background, which is similar to estimating the egomotion of the sensor. The proposed registration algorithm is used to match the mov- ing background and remap video frames into a common co- ordinate system in order to stabilize that segment of video. The major modules include dense feature detection, sparse prominent edge and corner-based feature block identification, feature block region matching to extract control points, con- fidence weighted robust projective transformation estimation and image warping to register a segment of frames within a given temporal window. The proposed method is shown to produce good results with small image registration error.