#97: Level set-based fast multi-phase graph partitioning active contours using constant memory

F. Bunyak and K. Palaniappan

Lecture Notes in Computer Science (ACIVS), Volume 5807, pgs. 145--155, 2009

detection, segmentation, active contours, motion, classification

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We present multi-phase FastGPAC that extends our dramatic improvement of memory requirements and computational complexity on two-class GPAC, into multi-class image segmentation. Graph partitioning active contours GPAC is a recently introduced approach that elegantly embeds the graph-based image segmentation problem within a continuous level set-based active contour paradigm. However, GPAC similar to many other graph-based approaches has quadratic memory requirements. For example, a 1024x1024 grayscale image requires over one terabyte of working memory. Approximations of GPAC reduce this complexity by trading off accuracy. Our FastGPAC approach implements an exact GPAC segmentation using constant memory requirement of few kilobytes and enables use of GPAC on high throughput and high resolution images. Extension to multi-phase enables segmention of multiple regions of interest with different appearances. We have successfully applied FastGPAC on different types of images, particularly on biomedical images of different modalities. Experiments on the various image types, natural, biomedical etc. show promising segmentation results with substantially reduced computational requirements.