#34: A piecewise affine model for image registration in nonrigid motion analysis

G. Seetharaman, G. Gasperas, and K. Palaniappan

IEEE Int. Conf. Image Processing, Volume 1, pgs. 561--564, 2000

wami, tracking, fmv, registration, motion, fusion, dod

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A piecewise-affine image registration method is proposed to compute the displacement field in an im- age sequence of an aerodynamic object experiencing heavy winds in a wind tunnel. Our method is use- ful for tracking objects whose net 3-D motion is fully characterized by a non-rigid motion and a significant component that is common to all parts of the object. A set of control points have been introduced on the ob- ject surface to help divide each image into a set of tri- angles and enable tracking each triangular area. The computed velocity field is piecewise affine for each tri- angle and is continuous across the boundary between any two adjacent triangles. Of interest is the accuracy of the registration process, and its estimate based on local moments and shape distortion that can be com- puted from the original image and the motion compen- sated version of its registered pair. The method has been applied to several images and the experimental results are presented.