3 Publications by "E. Ufuktepe"

#357: D. K. Ufuktepe, J. Collins, E. Ufuktepe, J. Fraser, T. Krock, and K. Palaniappan

Learning-based shadow Detection in Aerial Imagery Using Automatic Training Supervision from 3D Point Clouds

IEEE/CVF International Conference on Computer Vision Workshops (ICCVW), Workshop on Analysis of Aerial Motion Imagery (WAAMI), 2021

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#315: N. Al-Shakarji, E. Ufuktepe, F. Bunyak, H. Aliakbarpour, G. Seetharaman, and K. Palaniappan

Semi-automatic system for rapid annotation of moving objects in surveillance videos using deep detection and multi-object tracking techniques

IEEE Applied Imagery Pattern Recognition Workshop (AIPR), pgs. 1-6, 2020

ground truth generator, object annotation, deep learning, object detection, tracking

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#336: E. Ufuktepe, V. Ramtekkar, K. Gao, N. Al-Shakarji, J. Fraser, H. AliAkbarpour, G. Seetharaman, and K. Palaniappan

pyTAG: Python-based interactive training data generation for visual tracking algorithms

Proc. SPIE Conf. Geospatial InfoFusion X (Defense + Commercial Sensing), Volume 11398, 2020

ground-truth generation, visual tracking, crowd sourcing, annotation, deep learning

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