2 Publications by "J. Huang"

#241: Z. Liang, S. Jaeger, G. Thoma, J. Huang, P. Guo, A. Powell, K. Silamut, I. Ersoy, M. Poostchi, K. Palaniappan, and R. J. Maude

CNN - Based Image Analysis for Malaria Diagnosis

Proc. IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedicine (BIBM), 2016

deep learning, malaira, cells, classification, biomedical

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#179: M. Sun, J. Huang, F. Bunyak, K. Gumpper, G. De, M. Sermersheim, G. Liu, P.-H. Lin, K. Palaniappan, and J. Ma

Superresolution microscope image reconstruction by spatiotemporal object decomposition and association: application in resolving t-tubule structure in skeletal muscle

Optics Express, Volume 22, pgs. 12160-12176, 2014

biomedical, image analysis

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