3 Publications by "K. Nouduri"

#358: K. Nouduri, K. Gao, J. Fraser, S. Yao, H. AliAkbarpour, F. Bunyak, and K. Palaniappan

Deep realistic novel view generation for city-scale aerial images

IEEE International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR), pgs. 7, 2021

3d voxel rendering, denoising, convolutional neural networks, synthetic aerial imagery, point cloud evaluation

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#331: K. Gao, H. Aliakbarpour, J. Fraser, K. Nouduri, F. Bunyak, R. Massaro, G. Seetharaman, and K. Palaniappan

Local feature performance evaluation for Structure-from-Motion and multi-view stereo using simulated city-scale aerial imagery

IEEE Sensors Journal, Volume 21, pgs. 11615 - 11627, 2020

local feature detector, sift, surf, orb, akaze binary feature, mser, lf-net, superpoint, image matching, photogrammetry, camera pose, bundle adjustment, simulation environments, virtual reality, augmented reality

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#320: K. Nouduri, F. Bunyak, S. Yao, H. Aliakbarpour, S. Agarwal, R. Rao, and K. Palaniappan

Deep Learning Based Landmark Matching For Aerial Geolocalization

2020 IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP), pgs. 1911-1915, 2020

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