3 Publications by "M. M. Haney"

#327: M. M. Haney, A. Hamad, H. G. Woldu, M. Ciucci, N. Nichols, F. Bunyak, and T. E. Lever

Recurrent laryngeal nerve transection in mice results in translational upper airway dysfunction

Journal of Comparative Neurology, Volume 528, pgs. 574--596, 2020

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#300: M. M. Haney, A. Hamad, E. Leary, F. Bunyak, and T. E. Lever

Automated quantification of vocal fold motion in a recurrent laryngeal nerve injury mouse model

The Laryngoscope, Volume 129, pgs. E247--E254, 2019

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#298: A. Hamad, M. Haney, T. E. Lever, and F. Bunyak

Automated segmentation of the vocal folds in laryngeal endoscopy videos using deep convolutional regression networks

IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Workshops (CVPRW), pgs. 140--148, 2019

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