2 Publications by "N. Palaniappan"

#335: Y. M. Kassim, K. Palaniappan, F. Yang, M. Poostchi, N. Palaniappan, R. J. Maude, S. Antani, and S. Jaeger

Clustering-Based Dual Deep Learning Architecture for Detecting Red Blood Cells in Malaria Diagnostic Smears


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#283: M. Poostchi, I. Ersoy, K. McMenamin, E. Gordon, N. Palaniappan, S. Pierce, R. J. Maude, A. Bansal, P. Srinivasan, L. Miller, K. Palaniappan, G. Thoma, and S. Jaeger

Malaria parasite detection and cell counting for human and mouse using thin blood smear microscopy

Journal of Medical Imaging, Volume 5, pgs. 1-14, 2018

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