2 publications with the keyword "laryngeal adductor reflex"

#360: Y. Y. Wang, A. S.Hamad, K. Palaniappan, T. E.Lever, and F. Bunyak

LARNet-STC: Spatio-temporal orthogonal region selection network for laryngeal closure detection in endoscopy videos

Computers in Biology and Medicine, pgs. 105339, 2022

deep learning, vocal folds, laryngeal endoscopy, laryngeal closure detection, laryngeal adductor reflex

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#317: A. S. Hamad, Y. Y. Wang, T. E. Lever, and F. Bunyak

Ensemble of deep cascades for detection of laryngeal adductor reflex events in Endoscopy Videos

IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP), pgs. 300-304, 2020

deep learning, laryngeal adductor reflex, automated detection, endoscopy video analysis

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