3 publications with the keyword "microscopy"

#350: D. K. Ufuktepe, F. Yang, Y. M. Kassim, H. Yu, R. J. Maude, K. Palaniappan, and S. Jaeger

Deep Learning-Based Cell Detection and Extraction in Thin Blood Smears for Malaria Diagnosis

IEEE Applied Imagery Pattern Recognition Workshop (AIPR), pgs. 1--6, 2021

malaria diagnosis, plasmodium falciparum, plas-modium vivax, microscopy, thin blood smear, machine learning, image analysis

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#343: R. Bao, N. Al-Shakarji, F. Bunyak, and K. Palaniappan

DMNet: Dual-stream marker guided deep network for dense cell segmentation and lineage tracking

IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision Workshops (ICCVW), pgs. 3354-3363, 2021

training, image segmentation, shape, microscopy, stem cells, cell detection, cell tracking, mitosis

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#206: S. Thutupalli, M. Sun, F. Bunyak, K. Palaniappan, and J. W. Shaevitz

Directional reversals enable Myxococcus xanthus cells to produce collective one-dimensional streams during fruiting-body formation

Journal of The Royal Society Interface, Volume 12, pgs. 20150049, 2015

biomedical, cell tracking, microscopy

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